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Too Many Lawyers Chase Countrywide

There is a countrywide problem of too many lawyers chasing companies for damages. Now the housing market is picking up legal claims based on valuations made between 2004 and 2007. PPI and miss selling has cost the banks a fortune, ambulance chasing accident claims activity is at an all time high and it seems as […]

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Government Control In The Housing Market

We should not be surprised that there is a lot of government involvement in the housing market. Safety and housing are basic human needs that we look to our government to facilitate on our behalf. The responsibility is split between national and local government. Ideally one should design the policy and the other implement the […]

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House Builders Did Well in 2011 – Forecast 2012

The annual announcements and trading updates from the house-builders start to become public in January each year. There seems to be some good news with several companies doing well at least according to their PR machines. Headlines This week ‘Galliford Try defies gloom to post record housing sales.’ ‘Barratt gets sales boost.’ ‘House Builder Persimmon […]

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Tips for A Quick House Sale

With prices having fallen many sellers are still looking for ways to make a quick sale. These are some tips for Selling House in a declining Market, quickly without losing money unnecessarily. 1. Get The Price Right Getting the price right is the most difficult aspect of selling a house. One strategy to try is […]

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Estate Agents Act 1979 – Still Buyer Beware

The Estate Agents Act 1979 governs and with the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) regulates how Estate Agents should act. If an Estate Agent fails to comply with the law, they could be banned from working as an estate agent. Ignoring a ban could lead to prosecution and fines. However there is still no legal […]

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Making the Right Move

Rightmove plc are not estate agents but claim to ‘be the place for UK home movers to find details of all properties available to buy or rent’, over 1 million at the last count. As a company they continue to grow profits in a very tough housing market having just reported a 17% profit increase […]

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Intermediaries an Economists View

Housing and property markets are more complex than other economic models. Supply and demand of product go hand in hand with services of intermediaries.¬† The main players in the housing market can however be classified as : Owners These are pure investors, whose chosen investment is property from which they wish to make an income […]

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Estate Agents Struggle in Market Conditions

Speaking in today’s (May 6th 2008) Daily Telegraph, Peter King chief executive of the National Association of Estate Agents said: “the irony is that there is no shortage of people wanting to move, but without mortgages they just can’t do it.” The government are hoping that banks and building societies will relax their lending criteria […]

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Learn Secrets from Mortgage Market Pros

What make a Pro in the Mortgage Market? The real Pros are those with current experience and no vested interest (also known as Hens Teeth) You are the best Pro because your vested interest is for your own health, wealth and happiness. You will be a better pro by reading and learning more about the […]

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New Build Flatters to Deceive

  Current ‘rosy’ headlines and quarterly announcements from house builders include: ‘Persimmon¬† boost sales’¬† ‘Taylor Wimpey site visits rise’. However a bit of deconstruction illuminates a different background. Persimmon A 12% increase in sales in the first 15 weeks of 2011 is set against an appalling set of results in 2010 (an easy target to […]

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